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Q:  Why a blog page?

A:  I've always liked doing this, and I've always liked the setup.  It's simple enough to take care of (or not take care of) on a daily basis.  I can be as short or as long as I want to be, add things of interest without too much fuss, and even fool around with coding or gadgets if I want.  You can pop in whenever you like, leave comments or not, and hopefully find a chuckle or two.  I enjoy the writing, and have missed it.  So come and go, speak or don't, wave or throw things - it's all good.

Q:  Who can comment in here?

A:  Anyone, really.  I've left the comments mostly unrestricted so that anyone can pop in and say something without having to sign in or set up an account.  It would be helpful if you typed in some kind of name, but you can even comment anonymously if you want.  The only thing I left in place was the annoying letter verification thingy, but if that's too much of a hassle I can do away with that as well.

Q:  So HOW do I comment in here?

A:  It works easily enough. In the drop down box below select "name/url", just put a name - you don't need the url. Type your comment, then when you hit "post comment", you get the letter recognition thingy, but it's not too bad. And that's it. No need to sign in or open an account. (FYI - the letter recog. thingy keeps computer generated spam at bay - only reason I left it active).  Of course, if you do have an account with Google or Blogger, you can comment using that as well, and avoid the letter recog. thingy if you're already signed in.

Q:  Are you really Graybeard, and what have you done with the crotchety ol' buzzard from Friend's Cafe?

A:  Yes, it really is me, the same ol' Graybeard who brought you the Rumor Mill (which I'd LOVE to continue.  heh heh heh) and the true story of Yammin and Pee-Wee.  Of course, it has been two years since I've been in the Bloggosphere (obviously) and I have mellowed out some more with old age.  I won't pester anyone into commenting anymore.  Doesn't mean I don't plan on having fun sometimes, though, by picking on some of you unsuspecting persons....

Q:  So why should we read your crap?

A:  For many reasons.  For entertainment (hopefully).  For information on stuff I've picked up or tripped over or been hit in the head with.  For correction of any info I get wrong or better ways of doing something.  For swapping things such as recipes, plans, cool links, etc.  For friendship's sake (to both of you).  For curiosity - I'm allergic to cats, so don't worry - there aren't any around here to kill.  For because I said so {que hypnotizm ray}

Q:  What crap will you be writing about?

A:  Anything I've picked up or thoughts I've had.  Spiritual, mental, emotional.  Work, home, play.  Hobbies, likes, dislikes.  Music, movies, activities.  Whatever.  Feel free to bring up something to discuss, things you want to know more about, things you know more about - I always love to learn, so bring it on.

Q:  How do we contact you?  You know, to throw things.

A:  Let me know in a comment box somewhere, and I'll find a way to pass info on to you.  Maybe.

Q:  Does the sanitarium know that you've escaped?  Again?

A:  No.